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Post by Wooly on Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:13 pm

Ok let me go over the rules as I see it really quick, it's version one as I am a person who loves to add/remove and revise things based on the flow of life or in this case the game.

1. Love the guild - you don't like it the doors are wide open you are free to leave.

2. If you have problems talk to a vive or me - I know I'm not online often but there are other people available and if they can't handle it they will escalate to me. There will always be people who you will not agree with or get into arguments with, but we can work it out with effort and compromise.

3. DO NOT BEG - you can ask for help, but please be reasonable, others have things to do as well.

4. Quest runs - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring pots. i don't think I have to explain this

5. Respect others opinions - Everyone has their own view of things, you can try to convince them but don't force them. Now in regards to guild matters I will listen to everyone but I will decide on how I see it best serves the guild.

6. Scamming - this will get you thrown out of the guild faster than you can say " supercalifragalisticexpialidocious" it's a long word cause we need to investigate but once it's proven you're out.

7. PK - everyone with PK on is fair game, that includes YOU, yes you if you turn PK on, don't complain if you get killed.

8. Kill stealing - I still don't get the point of sit remoting, if you're doing it try not to KS if you do it unintentionally please apologize and move to another spot. if someone else does it to you try to re-spawn them by over killing them. if not don't waste time, just move to another spot or walk remote.

9. Alt Guilds - This is a new one, I am allowing alt guilds on the few but I believe reasonable conditons:
9 a.) Alt guilds needs to be announced as in mail me AND the vives and post it in a thread that I will create, we all need to know.
9 b.) No TW active guilds
9 c.) If we find out you have one and you didn't say, the heavy end of the hammer will be brought down on you and you will be kicked after we find enough proof it is your alt.

10.) Have fun - for some it's seeing their characters move up in lvls, for some it's running quests, for some it's crafting. Do what makes you happy, share the happiness and lets all be happy together.

Inactives - people who go inactive w/o notice will be kicked

once kicked no one can be re-invited without at least 2 Vive's approval.

Period of inactivity to be kicked - 2 weeks

11.) English only on Guild chat - this was an unwritten rule, now it's in black and white. We are an international guild with multiple nationalities, any other language take it to PM or team chat.

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